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Water Tanks

Residential Water Tanks:

Many residents have added fire protection to their property by installing a separate water tank to be used solely for the purpose of fire suppression.  If you are building on your property, mitigation fees may be waived or lowered if you choose to put in a water tank for fire suppression.  If you decide to pursue a separate water tank, please be aware there are county regulations in place that determine the size of the valve, the distance the valve is from the land, etc.  Before deciding to install a water tank, please check with the county.  Below is a document with pertinent tank installation information.

Residential Water Tank Handout


 County code requirements:

Amador County Codes


Identifying Water Tanks on Property:

We recommend having some sort of identification near your driveway to inform fire personnel that there is a water source on the property. A water source could be a tank, swimming pool, pond, creek, etc. For more information on signage, click here: Reflective Address Signs

May contain: symbol, sign, and text
Example of reflective address sign.
Water label
Example of reflective "water" sign.