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Safe Surrender Program 

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The Safe Surrender Program allows a person a place to surrender a minor child less than 72 hours old to a designated fire station, or emergency room without fear of arrest or prosecution, provided the infant has not been abused or neglected.


Person(s) surrendering newborn will receive an envelope consisting of:

  • Postage paid envelope (pre-addressed)
  • Newborn medical questionnaire (English/Spanish)
  • Fact sheet for person(s) surrendering infant
  • Coded wrist identification bracelet for person surrendering infant
  1. You can help make sure that the baby has a healthy future by providing some important medical information. This information can be very useful in caring for the child. When people need medical care, it can help the doctor to know about the family’s medical background and what diseases or disabilities other people in the family may have or have had in the past. This is called a “medical history.” You will receive an envelope and all you have to do is answer the questions on the enclosed form as best as you can and mail it in the self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope that is provided. If you’d like, you can fill it out while at a Safe Surrender location and leave it with the personnel helping you. You don’t need to give your name or address or any other contact information. The label on the medical form is only to make sure the medical history can be matched to the right baby. Please fill out the form and send it in. By completing this form, the baby will have a medical history.
  2. Do you need help? When you surrender your baby we want to make sure that you are getting the help you need. There is a number available for you to call and get help: (530) 642-7100. This is the phone number to Talk Line’s 24-hour Hot Line. They will provide you with information on where to get medical treatment and supportive services, as well as, other support you may need.
  3. If you change your mind and want the baby back, you can:- Call Child Protective Service’s 24-hour hotline at (530) 642-7100 within 14 days (you still may be able to get your baby back after 14 days, but it becomes much more difficult).
    – Please keep the numbered bracelet that will be given to you. You will need the bracelet if you change your mind and want the baby back. By having the bracelet you can prove that you are the person who surrendered the baby.


Safe Surrender locations in Amador County:

  • Fire Station 111, 26517 Meadow Drive Pioneer CA
  • Fire station 114, 19840 Highway 88 Pine Grove CA
  • Fire Station 116, 15601 Dusty Lane Jackson CA 
  • Fire Station 122, 18534 Sherwood Street Plymouth CA
  • Sutter Amador Hospital, 200 Mission Blvd, Jackson CA