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KNOX - When Seconds Matter!

KNOX Box Purchasing and Installation Instructions:

  • Go to
  • On the home page , select "HOW TO BUY".  Amador Fire Protection District is "An Authorized Local Trusted Partner".  Read the instructions "How to Buy" toward the bottom of the page - once you are ready, select "BEGIN ORDER" that is in red. 
  • It will ask you to enter the responding department with Amador FPD. This will direct you to the new page with will list Amador FPD and Amador FPD-Gates.
  • Choose the link Amador FPD-Gates for low security or for any type of a gate installation or Amador FPD for high secure Commercial Buildings.
  • From here you can choose the product that best fits your situation and needs. The item(s) will be shipped directly to you for installation.
  • Once installed by you or a contactor, call our District Office at 209-223-6391 and we will send fire personnel to the address to ensure that KNOX is working properly.